Just so you know this is going to be a bit of a vent. I didn’t want to put this where it might hurt someone’s feelings that hasn’t read my blog. lol If it still hurts or offends someone, forgive me and get over it. I already warned you! lol

I am a member of a forum type thing for pregnant women, moms, and women who hope to get pregnant. Today,  I was reading a post about how it isn’t far that some women get horrible morning sickness, etc. I wanted to post…you should be glad you are pregnant! Do you have any idea how much it hurts at times to read all these posts about how horrible or unfair this and this is and I’m wanting to tell them…I would LOVE to be where you are! They need to thank God for their blessings…they are bringing life into this world! Be glad…and happy.

*sigh* To be in their shoes…I am trying not to wish away my time right now, but it is SO hard!

God, help me to see that the time I have with Ben now is wonderful times. We need not ‘worry’ about a child, etc, but I am desiring…yearning for a little one Lord. Please…please…a child(ren) for us.

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