Valentine’s Day 2010

Today is Valentine’s Day here and I must say, it is a great day to start a new blog! I’m really excited about it. I have another blogspot blog, but I don’t write on it much. I hope that this one will get more of my time to write journals/blogs and stuff.

I don’t know if you were wondering about the title I gave this blog. If so, I can tell you why I picked it. I wrote a poem called Penny Thoughts years ago and I thought this phrase would make a great title. Here’s the poem.

Penny Thoughts 

I met a man
not too long ago.
He seemed to have
a lot on his mind.

Nobody wanted to hear
what he had to say.
but I asked…

I want to know
what’s in your head.
Tell me, sir, what
is on your mind.
A dollar for your pocket
and a penny for your thoughts.

He said “I ain’t
got much to say.
I want the world
to know the Man upstairs.”

There was a twinkle in
his eye when he smiled.
He whispered “Jesus Loves You”.

Before I knew it,
He was gone and I’ve
never seen him since.

I wanted to know
what was in his head.
He told me what
was on his mind.
I gave a dollar for his pocket
and he gave me thoughts
worth more than a 

I guess that is all for this post. I’m gonna write another one soon. Like later today!

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