Remembered Part 2

The first part is a bit sadder than this one.

I remember when I met my first guy friend online in person. It went well, but there were things that I shouldn’t have let happen. We met over Spring/easter Break. And afterwards, nothing was the same. In June I believe it was, we went our separate ways. I have never heard from him since.

I remember the day I met Ben. I was in the PlusOne chatroom. We had a nice chat. We laughed a lot. He was different than the other guy. Ben was my second guy who showed interest in me other than as a friend, but I must admit, the first one wasn’t anything really special like Ben.

I remember the first time we talked on the phone, met face to face, held hands. I had never truly understood the things between men and women. At times I still don’t. When Ben and I held hands and just walked around campus, it was like electricity flowed from him to me and back again. I still get that feeling.

I remember our first real kiss. Ben had kissed my hand and my cheek, but never my lips. And then…:-) I won’t try to explain it. When did it happen? Our wedding day. Two years into our relationship.

So many things to remember…but I’ll save those for another time maybe.

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