Oct. 18th, 2013

Sitting on the front porch eating and listening to cars go by, some too fast, and children play across the street. Their laughter makes me smile. Loud music blares. Flies swarm on my tray where my food used to be. A gently breeze blows our autumn flag and rustles the tree leaves. The sky is a beautiful blue with strikes of white running through it.


I realize I may not be the only one in the world, BUT I may be the only one who sees things the way I do. That’s why I share my thoughts. Just maybe God will use me, wretch that I am, to touch a life. He may just show you Himself like He has never shown Himself to you before. Not because of me, but because of Him who abides in me!


The sunshine is so bright. It hurts my eyes when I look that way. Isn’t it the same with Jesus? When the SON shines, His glory lights up everything and it’s hard to look right at Him.


Shine Your glory, Lord, so that all I can see is You! :)

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