Oct. 15th, 2013

Today I read Psalm 8 for Our Daily Bread devotions. The devotion talked about childlike faith. Do we as adults still see God in the same way, with the same eyes as we did when we first came to Him?


Maybe, but probably not. The cares and woes and worries of this world cloud in. We forget what it is like to be childlike in out faith.


Somewhere along the line someone told us we had to “grow up” and we aren’t as awestruck as we once were. We don’t see God’s glory and all that He is as special as we used to.


And we wonder why we are where we are.


These are just the thought, feelings, and words of this daughter of the Most High God. You don’t have to read them. You don’t even have to agree with them if you do read them.


I’m not worried about you getting what I’m saying. Not one bit. BUT are you listening to the voice of God? Are you REALLY and TRULY listening to Him?


If so, are you obeying what He has said? Are you in a relationship with Him or not?


If you are in a relationship with Him, did you know that means sometimes you are silent while He speaks? You do not always have to speak, but I suggest listen up…listening well…all ears and with all your heart when He speaks to you. What He has to say is very, very important. You don’t want to miss it for anything.


Drop what you are doing. The cleaning can wait. The job can wait. The stomach can wait.


Does the Bible say anything about God waiting on us to get our act together? hmmmmmmm good question.


I see a lot of verses about waiting on the Lord, but are there any about God waiting on me?


That would make it seem like He would have to wait on us to not be broken, in need of help, weary, etc.


But rather we go to Him when we are broken and weary. He heals us and fixes us. He does wait, I believe, for us to come to Him instead of forcing us to hurry up.


I will reference the story of the Prodigal Son here. I love that story. Before the son steps onto the porch…the father sees him in the distance and starts to run to him.


Can you just see Father God doing that for you? For me?


Between times with Father God, and we finally take some time to be still before Him. He is SO excited, overjoyed to see us coming. He runs to us. Maybe He is calling our names.


“John. Sue. Tara. Carol. Michele. Pearl. Ashley. Jonathan. Benjamin. Renee. Daniel. Jennifer. Paul. Allan. Mark. Peter…” The list of names is endless.


He’s so excited and He calls your name. When He gets to you, you try to say something. “I’m sorry for taking so long to com to You.”


But you only get out “I’m sorry for taking…” before His arms are around you. Maybe you start to cry. You forgot how wonderful Daddy’s arms wrapped around you feels.


He picks you up. He carries you in His arms, on His shoulders. And you feel loved, special.


Stop. Halt. Slow down. Sorry to intrude on your sweet reunion. Do you know what some people have said in chat rooms and other places?


God loves us all the same. Well, yes He does, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t special to Him individually! That is just so there is no jealousy between us!


Shifting gears a bit…I have some things I need to share. There won’t be easy. Yup, it’s confession time.


If children are a blessing, does that mean those of us without children aren’t blessed? And yes, I’m asking this seriously. Oh but you are blessed in other ways. That may be, but saying that to me, one who wants children so much doesn’t really help.


How about this…yes, I covet what others have. Namely children.


Maybe you are like oh great now she is talking about this again! Can’t you just get over it!?!?! It isn’t that simple. You don’t just “get over” the death of a loved one do you?


For me, this is just as devastating. What you can do is pray for me and be a listening ear. I just need people to lift me up in prayer and encourage me, especially at the times when I’m the weakest. Don’t we all need those kinds of people?


Father God, thank You for today, for the chance to spread Your Light on more day. Thank You for listening to this woman’s cries, hurts, anger, and the times when I just want to give up. BUT there are also times when the joy is so overwhelming all I can do it smile and dance. Thank You for those.


Daddy, I would like to ask just one thing from You. Could You please send Your glory, Your healing, no not just to me, but to all who read this? We all could use some time protected under You wings, held in Your arms, and carried on Your shoulders.


The awesome thing is You can do all those things for each of us. You can protect, hold, and carry us all at once!


I love You, Daddy.


Thank You for wanting me and for showing me that I am Yours and I am amazing!



Your Little Girl

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