Oct. 14th, 2013

So if someone asked me to go for coffee or in my case tea and they asked me how I was REALLY doing I would say…


Better than I was yesterday! I think I was so lonely. Even though I know God is always with me, I got lonely. I wanted to talk with someone. You do know that it is okay to be, to feel lonely sometimes, right? We weren’t meant to be an “island” and go about life alone. No. We NEED each other.


AND even though my husband, God blessed me with such a wonderful man, works here at home I still get lonely and want to talk! ha!


It helps to be able to have someone to talk to at least for a little bit each day. I feel like if I don’t talk to someone…I will burst at times. I love conversation.


And I’m not always one to start conversations. Sometimes it takes me awhile to realize that I do need to speak up. I DO need to talk to the woman sitting alone. She might need a friend, too.

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