Live and Remember

I think the phrase “get over it” shouldn’t be used unless it is something that can be recreated. For example, most of us can redo a meal, redo our outfit after it is stained, redo homework, etc etc. Things that are not easy to “get over” would include the death of a loved one, illness, crisis, etc.


I believe that it isn’t about “getting over” things, but about the willingness to live even though there are parts of ourselves that are missing. In the times that I miss someone who has passed away, I allow the tears to come. I allow the sadness. I allow myself to remember.


It isn’t about forgetting, but about walking, taking one step in front of another. It isn’t about it getting easier, but about being able to see that even in the midst of the sorrow there is joy. When I think about these things, I may cry, but there is also a smile in my heart.


It is like it is raining, but I dance in it. I can see the sun shining through the gray clouds. It is okay to move slow. It is okay to weep. It is okay to smile and laugh. Give yourself time. It isn’t a “get over” thing, but a “I will live and remember” thing. So take my hand my friends and family. We will move when it is time. We will smile and we will cry. We will live and remember.

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