Just Some Thoughts

Are you all getting the very scary feeling that there may be a civil war coming?? I mean…listen….read…what is being put out there? Hate. Hate. and more hate.

If we don’t sit and talk….really listen…not fight, not yell at each other…but embrace our differences because that is what makes this world beautiful.

Am I a horrible person because God decided that I was to be a white woman? Because that’s just a label….that’s just the surface! I am more than what you see! You are more than what I see!

One day at work, I helped two different black men find things. One was so tall that he could see well off in the distance of the store and find what he needed even before we got to it. It made me smile. Both I wanted to ask them to help me reach things that were too high, but it’s MY job not theirs. They were nice gentlemen. They called me “ma’am” and were very respectable. And to think…to think that anything could change the way we talked and acted with each other…it breaks my heart and I don’t even KNOW these men!

Yeah, we need to watch Remember The Titans again. As I type this I’m crying. Why oh why? The tears fall.

And it saddens me….so very much…not only is God angry….but more so I believe His heart is in agony. His creation is spreading hate when it should be spreading love.

When you see people on the street….pass them in the store…etc. etc. don’t forget their blood is just as red as yours!

You know…I would die before I allow anyone “on my watch” to die in front of me. If i could protect anyone, it wouldn’t be a certain race of people….but it would be our minds, our spirits, our hearts….for that is where the battle is really taking place! The media, etc does not want us to realize that. and if the media isn’t careful…well…let’s just say…this world will never be the same.

That is why to live in the now is all we have. Make it the best one you have.

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