Hello everyone! It’s been about two years since I posted last. A lot has happened, but I wanted to share this first.

I usually write fiction, but a friend I have been zooming with told me that I need to write MY story, as in nonfiction! The last time I talked to her was Saturday, November 14th. She told me again about writing my book. So, the next day (Sunday November 15th) I wrote about 1,000 words for this nonfiction book. I even have topics for chapters and a possible picture of what I want the cover picture to be. Now, all I have to do is write it.

This project will be the hardest one I will probably ever write. I don’t know when it will be done, but the earliest would probably be next year or 2022!

I hope all of you are doing well. I’m going to try to be more active in my posts!